Arctic Challenge for Sustainability Project (ArCS II), Foreign Research Enhancement Program, Foreign Exchange Project, East Asia in the Arctic: Communities, Development and Culture

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  • 2022.04.23
    Information of Administration is updated (only for managers).



  • 2022.01.13
    Abtracts for 1st JAFSAS is now available

    Please find the abstracts at the 2021(symposium) page.


  • 2021.12.08
    Symposium : “Local wellbeing, human securities and indigenous peoples in the Arctic and Asia”

    Date: January 20-21, 2022, Thursday & Friday, Finland time 9:00am to 12:00pm; Japan time 4:00pm to 7:00pm
    Style: On-line meeting preferably organized in two places (Lapland University and Tohoku University)

Last updated on 2022.03.01

The purpose of this program is to cultivate the new research topic in the anthropological and economic studies on the change of Arctic communities, in particular, in the relations of East Asian economies. The changing climate in the Arctic and related opportunities and threats has made the region accessible and important for actors with less previous interest: as shown in the increase of number of observer states in Arctic Council from Asia, East Asian countries intently explore their own strategies to the Arctic. While many social scientists and humanities scholars study the resilience of Arctic societies in a changing world, the issue related to East Asian contexts remain to be uncovered. The program tries to challenge the gap by the form of knowledge exchange from Japanese and Finish researchers, encouraging the participation of the young scholars. During the four years, the coordinator and oversea coordinator jointly organize the special topic of the seminar/workshop every year to cover the broader framework of the issues: Arctic human securities and indigenous peoples; community resilience and the re-evaluation of indigenous tradition; extractive industry and the gap-widening societies; food sovereignty and fisheries. The both coordinator has a responsibility to find the appropriate young scholars for bilateral academic exchange in Japan and Finland.